Three of seven installments of The Knife of Narcissus are available for pre-order on Kobo.

The rest will follow soon…um…I hope :)

I begin to feel more and more official…

Here’s the serial on Barnes & Noble.

A good first day

It was great to wake up this morning and see pre-orders for The Knife of Narcissus at All Romance! Thank you to everyone who made the first day so exciting.

It’s now exactly one month to the release of the first part of the serial. My editors and I have worked hard so far to bring it all together, and I look forward to adding a few polishing touches as each part goes live–plus adding in the bonus novella in part 7, Saturnalia. That’s not reflected in the current book length listed on All Romance or Smashwords, so expect an extra boost to the word count.


Wouldn’t be able post to Smashwords, AllRomance eBooks, and (eventually) Amazon and Barnes & Noble without ‘em. Here’s the full set, except for whatever will be on the all-in-one edition, which is still being tweaked.



The model is courtesy of Shutterstock and some Photoshopping to give him a rounder face. At first I wasn’t sold on him as the face-of-Lucius, but suddenly it all just snapped into place, with the faux-fresco background and the dagger element. He definitely has what I think of as Lucius’s nose.

I haven’t been successful in finding models for Trio or Arpalycus, either of whom it might be fun to put on the sequel novella that will be included with book 7, but the search is interesting!

One step closer!

The info for the first 6 parts of The Knife of Narcissus will be distributed soon to those retailers who accept erotica titles from Smashwords (B&N, etc.), and then they’ll be available for pre-order from various sources, including Smashwords itself. Once I convince the Smashwords system that Book 7 isn’t just a couple of disembodied chapters but is actually the climax (yeah, I couldn’t not say that) of a serial novel, it will join Books 1-6.

Thank you to everyone who’s been checking in on progress!

I’ve bitten the bullet, taken the leap, and now The Knife of Narcissus ebook serial is available for pre-ordering through Smashwords. It will also appear on Barnes & Noble and other online retailers (including Amazon, eventually, but not for pre-order). I’ll let you know when it’s available from other retailers.

Spoiler note: There are mild spoilers in the current descriptions of each part.

The editorial refining is a process that will be completed before each part’s publication date, but you can view a sample of every part now (if you don’t mind spoilers). As a special thank you to anyone who takes the leap with me and reads The Knife of Narcissus as a serial, there will be a bonus prequel story included with the final part; so the current word count listed on Smashwords is about 50% shorter than the actual word count will be when Book 7 is released.

When it gets closer to the first pub date—August 24—I’ll be doing a little promotion on blogs, romance and erotica sites, other sites with great serial stories, and hereabouts and thereabouts.

Please drop me a line if you purchased one of the keychain editions at a con, to get a special Smashwords discount coupon!

Thank you to everyone who picked up a keychain with the first four parts of The Knife of Narcissus! I’m experimenting with providing the rest of the story via Wattpad, with access limited to followers, so that my early readers can get the first peek at the serial as a whole novel.

Info will be posted here. In the meantime, everyone can preview the first chapters right here or on Wattpad.


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