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I blathered so much on the Dear Author blog about this, I figure I should gather my comments together here just for the record. It was in response to fan reaction to the ending of Allegiant, the third book in Veronica Roth’s dystopian YA series (soon to be a major motion picture, etc. etc.); and another YA author, John Green, complaining that young readers whose hearts were broken are “wrong” about how to read books and have an obligation to be generous to the text (his words). There was a moderately long discussion on Dear Author (only 50 comments at this point, so actually not that long), and I’m sure the conversation has been longer elsewhere. It reminded me of some of the books of my tweenhood and teenhood that broke my heart, and one in particular that feels like a close parallel to the Allegiant situation. Mostly, I just find myself irritated by Green’s comments, which are rather silly, bumptious, and removed from reality.

It seems terribly disingenuous to write novels with a goal of bringing out strong emotions and fierce engagement from young readers, and particularly from teenagers craving emotional heights, and then when they react with fierce emotion to tell them they’re doing their feelings wrong. Young-adulthood is tumultuous enough without telling kids their own emotions are incorrect. I don’t know that Roth is saying this, or whether she’s graciously rolling with the reactions to the story she wanted to tell; but Green should know better than to tut-tut at readers.

Should readers, teen or adult, be threatening an author over an unsatisfactory ending? Of course not—and I have no objection to sitting anyone who does that down and giving them a firm discussion on inappropriate reaction and going over the line. Does the creator of anything “owe” people specific outcomes? No—though it may affect sales/viewership. But there’s no profit in informing people they’re incorrect to feel passion, love, elation, satisfaction, or downright hate over a story, or even over just the spoiler about a beloved story, if they’ve already invested emotional energy into living in the world.

Especially when so much of the fan base is female. Girls are told much too often that they’re doing it wrong, what with all their silly girly emotions.


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Some free reads

My current project after Knife of Narcissus is a mystery (by genre, that is) as well as m/m romance. I don’t have a huge depth of experience writing mysteries, and I’m sure this story will be more “mystery light/relationship heavy.” I’m considering making it a free WIP here on the site rather than a project for publication–the site will have some content, folks will get to see my writing style, and writing my first full-length mystery novel can be a fun online serial project.

Watch this space for more info.

Also: it is highly likely to be set in the ancient world. Just so you’re warned.

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Knife of Narcissus is finished. It’s been beta read. An excellent editorial team (with expert, specialized knowledge!) is going through all 150,000 words of it to stomp out any silliness. It’s almost ready to take its first true steps out into the world. So I should be ready, too.

My hope for this blog is to entertain readers, intrigue you, and encourage you to try out a story or two, but I’m not much of a blogger. Yet! Maybe the more I write, and the more I put the stories out there, the more I’ll start getting into the fun of chatting with anyone who happens to find them. Step one, I’ll start linking to this URL–so I’d better get this blog in order!

The current plan is to submit the serial to a publisher that I like quite a bit (who, if they accept the manuscript, of course will want their own round of editing). Depending on how that goes–if it doesn’t go, I mean–I’d like to try the self-publishing route.

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I should add bio information and so forth to the site. Maybe some pretty illustrations. And giveaways! Goodies! Fun! Also, a lot of sexed-up historicals. Because that is what I write.

Such as this one:

KNIFE OF NARCISSUS is a serial in 7 parts, an m/m romance set in ancient Rome–but not the usual cast of gladiators (although there are some) and senators (although there are some) and angst-ridden legionary centurions (none of those). Each part is about 3 chapters long and 20,000-30,000 words. The current plan is to find a publisher for it rather than self-publish. We’ll see how this goes!

Preview an excerpt from Chapter I

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