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The Knife of Narcissus Omnibus (all 7 parts) will release in a month, on December 9!

For anyone who wants it all in one chunk, here it is–and it’s a big chunk: 150,000 words.

The tentative cover (there may be a redesign):

KoN Omnibus cover

In other news, I’m at work on this year’s NaNoWrimo, but it’s slow going. This year’s challenge: gladiators.

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Cover design

Even though the sequel novella, Saturnalia, will be included as part of Book 7 of the serial and not on its own for now, I want it to have its own cover.

I’m happy with how the design has turned out, though I’m sure it will be fussed with and tweaked before Book 7’s November release date. It’s a little too early to do a cover reveal, but here’s a random bit of a glimpse:

Saturnalia peek

(If you’ve read some of the story, you’ll guess that this is neither Lucius nor Trio.)

I’m enjoying that intense dark-eyed gaze. Once the cover is final, I’ll show more than the upper right corner!


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Wouldn’t be able post to Smashwords, AllRomance eBooks, and (eventually) Amazon and Barnes & Noble without ’em. Here’s the full set, except for whatever will be on the all-in-one edition, which is still being tweaked.



The model is courtesy of Shutterstock and some Photoshopping to give him a rounder face. At first I wasn’t sold on him as the face-of-Lucius, but suddenly it all just snapped into place, with the faux-fresco background and the dagger element. He definitely has what I think of as Lucius’s nose.

I haven’t been successful in finding models for Trio or Arpalycus, either of whom it might be fun to put on the sequel novella that will be included with book 7, but the search is interesting!

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