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I’m returning to the ancient Roman recipes today, and will be in the kitchen playing with some simple ones. Eventually I’ll try something elaborate, since, as Martial might sniffingly say,

Knowing how to cook is not enough to be a cook
One cannot have the tastes of a slave
But must possess the palate of a master

I’ll be out back convincing a thousand larks to give up their tongues in the name of fine cuisine.


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Rome cooking

To celebrate this week’s release of The Knife of Narcissus book 3 and to continue the musings on food from the Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews guest post, each day I’ll be testing a few ancient recipes then tweeting the recipe for anyone interested in trying the tastes of ancient Rome. Today I started with a basic salad dressing that’s purported to be good for the stomach and digestion. Mixing it with ample vinegar is recommended.

Be sure to click over to the review for a Book 3 giveaway.

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Mustering the troops

I’m getting ready for a week of Roman cookery.

spicy cheering squad

spicy cheering squad is less blurry in real life than in this photo

I inspected the spice pantry to see what I’d need to pick up tomorrow. At a cursory sniff, they all seem to have stored well since the last Roman banquet, even though it was a long while ago. I can substitute fresh oregano, mint, and a few other herbs from the garden if those disappoint.

(spoiler for Monday’s guest post on Roman food: I did not sniff the asafoetida, even though, as I recall, this brand isn’t nearly as strong as the batch I got from a tiny little herb shop the first time I cooked Roman style.)

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Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews reviews Book IIIKeep an eye out for a guest post and GIVEAWAY on the Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews site, appearing on September 8th! This guest post will be all about food…and how to make cookies real-old-school style. Weird but delish.

My writing challenge for the week after the book release: I’ll share some other tried-and-true (and untried-and-crazy) Roman recipes every day in 140 characters or less @carolynechand. When there’s time, I’ll actually make the recipe so I can post pics. No promises that I can get my hands on a dormouse, or that, if I do, the dormouse will be on board with being put in a stew pot.

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