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The Knife of Narcissus Omnibus (all 7 parts) will release in a month, on December 9!

For anyone who wants it all in one chunk, here it is–and it’s a big chunk: 150,000 words.

The tentative cover (there may be a redesign):

KoN Omnibus cover

In other news, I’m at work on this year’s NaNoWrimo, but it’s slow going. This year’s challenge: gladiators.

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Don’t be afraid to do different. Don’t be afraid to tell stories the way you want to tell them. With genre or page count or style, with voice or plotline or character, I say hop the rails, I say kick down the walls, I say tear up all that yellow DANGER DO NOT ENTER tape. Be bold. Ride the sharp turns. Gallop down the mountain switchbacks. Tell your stories the way you want. Tell the stories that aren’t married to a safe and previously-established pattern.

Author Chuck Wendig has some great posts about writing—on technique, inspiration, and just getting words on the page and pixels on the screen—on his blog. There’s a new post today about revving up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with links to some of his greatest hits. This post from April, quoted up top, made my day. (I was going to note that Chuck’s language is usually NSFW, but then, so are most of my stories.)

I’ve been enjoying his Miriam Black series. Very intense.

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