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I had a burst of inspiration today, but it’s now past midnight in my time zone so NaNo month is over. I’m wide awake and there’s a muse kicking my brain around, so I’ll be writing for a while longer tonight. Not another 31,000 words worth, but it’s been an interesting day!

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I won’t reach the NaNo goal this month, not even counting every word tweaked on my 2012 project, plus every word added to my various WIPs and idea notebooks, plus all the brand-new sparkly-fresh words written on the 2013 NaNo project. Day job this month was so heavy and time consuming, I would have had to stop sleeping entirely to put in any more writing time. I thought maybe I’d try for a whirlwind push yesterday and today and see how many words I could get out of my fingers.

Instead, I went to a vegan Thanksgiving meal on Friday and played a fiendish game called Cards Against Humanity with some old friends and a bunch of new friends and drank cognac until late into the evening. Today I pay the piper: no hangover, but my word count for the month is abysmal. And I have no new fiction to post here on the site.

I’m feeling completely defeated today, underscored and highlighted by failing to reach that 50K goal.

Tomorrow I’ll write again.

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My NaNoWriMo project is moving along non-sequentially (word count 2,522! whoo? today’s target should be 5,000 words). Since the story currently consists of snippets here and there, planning the outlines of the chapters, it’s going to be a little bit hard to post excerpts from it for now. Instead, to fill up the “free reads” section, I think I’ll post in serial format a novel I wrote in my teens and early twenties, and you can judge whether it still has legs. I even printed up/published-online part of it, way back in the days before doing eBooks was so easy. I just have to decide if I want to link my juvenalia with my current wanton erotica fic 🙂

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I posted a loose draft of Chapter 1. I’m now saving this novel to work on as a NaNoWriMo project. I’m thinking of posting the draft as I go so the wordcount will be public. Having to show that I’m reaching that 1667 words/day goal should provide motivation to keep writing!

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